Not so fast...

19th Jul 2020, 10:48 AM

Not so fast...
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BUMBLEBEE on 19th Jul 2020, 10:48 AM

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Uh oh! No getting around it, in all the excitement, Buck forgot Mack was out there!

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lirvilas on 19th Jul 2020, 2:43 PM

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uh oh, did Mack get taken?!

BUMBLEBEE on 19th Jul 2020, 2:47 PM

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He's a guest of the caliphate... or he might be about to be. He might be fixing to get blue on blued by One-Four!

Edit - Two-Four... this is second platoon, not first. First Platoon is Basher. Who I kind of miss... you’d think at some point the rest of the company’s gonna show up. Even with the bad commo, there’s been some pretty big explosions. Someone musta called Joe to let him know...

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