12th Jun 2021, 10:19 PM

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BUMBLEBEE on 12th Jun 2021, 10:19 PM

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I can't be in charge... I've got a concussion...

>user comments

Oldarmourer on 13th Jun 2021, 7:23 AM

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They went straight to goatfuck ? That's fucked up !!
It usually goes fuckup==>clusterfuck==>THEN goatfuck ;)
'being in charge' usually translates to 'you're the one we're going to blame'

BUMBLEBEE on 13th Jun 2021, 7:54 AM

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Chaos is great for promotions!

lirvilas on 13th Jun 2021, 1:39 PM

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props to the comms guy for sticking to his keyboard even while dudes were shooting it out a few doors down

I'm not even being sarcastic, it takes veins of ice to stick at a critical support role like that when it would far far easier and more satisfying to grab a rifle or (obviously) run and hide.

BUMBLEBEE on 13th Jun 2021, 3:46 PM

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Yeah I can’t even imagine it. The most complicated computer work I do is in spreadsheets, but if I picture myself trying to figure out why vlookup stopped working while the guys in order entry shoot it out with whoever the bad guys are in this analogy... no way

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