Insert Foot

22nd Nov 2021, 8:50 PM

Insert Foot
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BUMBLEBEE on 22nd Nov 2021, 8:50 PM

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Mack blows it.

Edit - Rats! I’ve been looking at this page for weeks and I never noticed panel two has a typo, it’s supposed to say “I’ll GO where you go…”

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StLOrca on 22nd Nov 2021, 9:11 PM

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Fumbled at the five yard line!

BUMBLEBEE on 22nd Nov 2021, 9:55 PM

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The poor dumb bastard!

lirvilas on 22nd Nov 2021, 9:51 PM

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BUMBLEBEE on 22nd Nov 2021, 9:58 PM

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I’d have to google it to remember what the acronym really means, but we used to say it meant “End the Suffering,” it’s when your time is up and you go ahead and get out instead of reenlisting.

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